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Winter, 2016.

Happy New Year! Lionfish Lair is still here, and will continue on as we always have, by sharing the joys of keeping predatory marine species. You'll find tucked in these pages, up-to-date information regarding their housing, care and wellbeing and some amazing photographs of these amazing creatures.

Even though many are leaving or postponing their participation in the hobby, our little community is still growing.  We’d like to thank all of our current members for making the LL discussion forums a success, and we cordially invite you to JOIN in, and to take an active part in participating, whether you’re an old salt or just beginning to hone your skills in keeping predatory species.

Don’t forget to take a look in our library, where you’ll find our Lionfish and Scorpionfish care guides, alongside a Mantis Shrimp FAQ page. For quick reference, do visit our Quick Stats pages.

Have an unidentified critter that popped up in your tank?  Visit our ever-popular Hitchhiker ID Guide, where you can match your critter to a photo and get an ID as well as other useful information about it.

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…the aquatic jungle, that is.  You’re off the edge of the map, and here, there be monsters!  If you like your slice of ocean on the wild side, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, you will find forums for exchanging information, articles covering the identification, captive care and habits of various predatory denizens of the deep, and of COURSE, lots of really awesome photos of our own personal collection of “sea monsters”.  So, come on in and have some fun…and don’t forget to check your bathtub in case something follows you home!