About Us

Hi guys, I'm Hamish, the chief content creator here at Lionfish Lair and a fish obsessive. I have kept fish for the majority of my life, ranging from saltwater to freshwater (and even brackish).

Owning fish and keeping them healthy and happy has to be one of the most rewarding things in the world, and I am extremely grateful that I get to share my experiences and expertise with you guys, as well as offer my advice.

For me, this is more than a hobby! I am equally, if not, more passionate about fish and fishkeeping than I was at the beginning of my journey, and after years of experience, I am still learning new things every day.

My plan is to direct Lionfish Lair into a community setting, where fishkeepers at any experience level can use my content as a valuable resource and also provide their own tips and information on certain topics.

Lionfish Lair is a platform for like-minded people to share my knowledge and experiences as well as their own. But also a brilliant and reliable resource for those just starting out in the hobby, and seeking help and advice on becoming a new fishkeeper.

There is something for everyone here at Lionfish Lair, and I hope you learn new things every time you pay us a visit!

Thanks for stopping by!