5 of The Best Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish are a truly captivating fish, known for their array of vivid colors, and incredibly unique bodies, which is why they are perhaps one of the most popular fish in the hobby. So, these awesome fish deserve the best home, right?

Many people get Betta fish wrong, using these fish as merely a fashion accessory over a pet that you have to comprehensively look after. There is a lot of misleading information out there that states these fish can live in small bowls and jars, which is not true. If you want a healthy and happy Betta fish, get them a good and appropriately sized tank that they will thrive in!

Best betta fish tanks

Fortunately for you, we have conducted a lot of research, tried and tested some tanks, reviewed what others have said, and have come to the conclusion that the Betta tanks you find on this list will allow your fish to experience the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Top 5 Betta Tanks

Ideally, you will want your Bettas to be living in larger tanks than what is recommended as the minimum size, giving them plenty of room and things to do. You may think it will require more work from a cleaning perspective, but it is actually an extremely annoying and fiddly process trying to clean a small tank.

Here are the best Betta tank picks:

What Should I Look For When Choosing The Right Betta Fish Tank?

There are some careful considerations that must be made before deciding on your Betta fish tank. Typically, you will want to find a tank that can create a healthy and happy environment for your Betta.

Betta fish do have a rather aggressive nature, but there are suitable tank mates for them, and if you want to create a community around your Betta fish, then tank size should be one of your top considerations.

Are you looking to get a new Betta? Or do you already have one but want to give the little fish the tank it deserves? If so let’s take a look at some of the best betta fish tanks available.

The Best Betta Fish Tanks (2021 Reviews)

Now we will go through our list of the best Betta fish tanks of 2021, providing detailed reviews, including pros and cons for each tank so that you can decide yourself which is best suited for you and your fish community.

Tetra LED Cube 3 Gallon Tank

As mentioned previously, it is highly recommended to go for bigger tanks for your Bettas, giving them much-needed space to thrive in. However, some people simply do not have the space or affordability to accommodate a bigger tank.

The Tetra LED Cube 3 Gallon Tank is undoubtedly the smallest aquarium kit on the list, but there are many awesome features and benefits that come with this smaller tank. The overall design of this tank is what encapsulates people, the Moai head centerpiece looks awesome in this tank and is appropriately showcased by the incredible LED lighting.

It comes with its own LED lighting and a good water filter. However, unfortunately, the tank does not have a water heater, so you will need to buy one before setting this tank up completely. Some people have run into issues with this tank's filter as the pump is noisy and the filter is generally prone to issues. The tank can also scratch fairly easily due to it being made of acrylic as opposed to glass.


  • Attractive and mesmerizing design.
  • Solid and stable hood which includes cut-outs for feeding.
  • The tank itself is very affordable, especially when compared to others on this list.


  • The filter pump can be loud and can be prone to issues.
  • The fact that it is an acrylic tank makes it easily scratched.

Aqueon 10 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit

This aquarium kit is certainly bigger than most Betta tanks on this list. The tank itself comes in a standard rectangular shape and is pretty standard-looking as far as Betta tanks go, however, despite not being an amazing and unique design the Aquen 10 Gallon LED Aquarium is reliable and also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Not to mention the size of this Betta fish tank will almost certainly guarantee a very happy Betta fish. The 10 Gallon (38 liters) tank size means that you have the option to add more fish, although, you should be careful introducing potential Betta tank mates as they don't always play very well with others! There are many awesome aquarium shrimp that are good to add to this kind of aquarium.

This incredible kit comes with all you need - a filter, heater, thermometer, hood, LED lights, Betta fish food, and even a net to capture your fish when you are cleaning the tank! Another awesome feature with the three-stage filtration system provided in this kit is the LED light that goes red when it is time to change the cartridge.

There are many different Betta fish tanks that do not come with a heater like this one does. However, it really depends on your room temperature and how hot the tank is naturally whether or not you need to use it at full heat. Remember, Betta fish enjoy swimming in temperatures of roughly 78°F (25°C), so keep an eye on the temperature of your tank for the first few weeks.


  • The 10 Gallon tank size will help if you want a large aquarium community with many inhabitants.
  • LED filter with a useful light that indicates when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Affordable aquarium, especially when you consider the size.
  • It includes many different features like an awesome tank heater.


  • The hood is unhinged, which isn't particularly secure.
  • The LED light indicator can sometimes be a little premature.
  • The heater can be underpowered in some instances with certain climates.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5-Gallon

This modern little aquarium is perfect for Bettas and has many features that are well worth looking into. The capacity is 10 Gallons (38 liters), which seems to be the optimally sized tank for Betta fish and creating an aquarium community around them. The design of the tank is slick and modern thanks to the LED light bar and the enclosed internal water filtration. The LED lights are so bright that they will support some aquatic plants too.

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium itself is long and narrow in design, which is great when you have minimal storage space, perhaps a bookshelf or a computer desk could be a good location for it. Unfortunately, this tank does not have a heater, but there is an alternative - you can conceal a small heater inside the tank's filter compartment, maintaining the slick and modern look of the tank.

The majority of pumps out there have too much output flow for the Betta fish, and the same has to be said about this tank's pump. You can fix this issue by adding a filter sponge or by placing tank decor in front of it.


  • Awesome and slick modern design.
  • Concealed filtration chamber.
  • LED lights that are bright and also have a touch sensor switch.
  • Good size.
  • Enough space to hide a heater in the filtration compartment.


  • The outflow of the pump is too powerful for Bettas.
  • The LED lighting fixture must be removed when cleaning the tank.
  • The plastic cover isn't very stable or secure.

BiOrb Tube 35 Aquarium

This biOrb Tube aquarium kit is simply sensational! 9.2 Gallons (41 liters) is a great sized tank for betta fish and it also includes many awesome features. This 360-degree tank does not distort the view of the fish inside of it despite the angle, unlike many other 360 tanks.

The LED lighting is spectacular, with 16 preset colors and varied brightness control. All of the functions are controlled with an accessible remote controller. There is a 5 stage filtration that helps to stabilize and oxygenate the water. As far as aquarium starter kits go, this is certainly up there with the most expensive and is certainly the priciest on the list, however, you do pay for the extra quality and additions.


  • 360-degree views of your spectacular Bettas.
  • 5-stage filtration system.
  • Made with top-quality materials and has been assembled perfectly for longevity.
  • A multitude of LED light options, which are all controlled by a remote!


  • Expensive - this certainly isn't the most affordable tank on the list.

Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit

The design of the Marineland portrait aquarium kit is truly unique and special, boasting an upright design with a 5 Gallon capacity (23 liters). Rounded corners are a welcomed addition too as many people do not get along with the sharp edges on normal tanks.

LED lights are certainly present in this tank and they are incredibly bright, they also can be folded out of the way too, which is good for maintenance. The filter is kept hidden in a separate compartment at the back of the tank. As an aquarium kit, it is pretty good, containing absolutely everything you need apart from a heater, which can be a little annoying to get yourself. Apart from this, your Betta will likely thrive in this aquarium.


  • Unique upright design with rounded corners.
  • Folding LED light fixture that allows for easy maintenance.
  • There are 3 different light settings for a bit of variety.
  • There is plenty of space to hide your heater in the filtration compartment.


  • Doesn't come with a heater.
  • The filter compartment is pretty flimsy.

Our Top Pick

Honestly, it really does depend on what you are into and what you ultimately want regarding your Betta fish tank. If you are into your aesthetics then the Marineland portrait aquarium kit is undoubtedly the best.

It is 5 Gallons, which, certainly isn't the biggest tank, but it definitely isn't the smallest Betta fish tank, meaning that tank mates and other animals can coexist comfortably in this one. The rounded shape is truly unique and it is highly accessible. You can place this tank almost anywhere in your household and it will look great.

Alternatively, if the aesthetics are not necessarily your thing, but you want a practical space for your Betta to thrive, the biOrb Tube 35 Aquarium is the one! High in quality, and it also includes everything you need as far as aquarium kits go. Also, the design is really awesome, so it does have everything you need. Live plants and rock are welcomed additions to these tanks and the filtration and water flow create a brilliant environment for them.

Betta Tank Requirements

Whilst this page is about Betta tanks, and more specifically the best on the market, going through the requirements and key things about creating the perfect Betta environment is important too. Additionally, if you want a more in-depth Betta fish tank setup guide, then we have a specific page on this.

Ideal Tank Size

Unfortunately, due to their mesmerizing appearance, many Betta fish are treated more as a fashion accessory than a living being, which is why Betta fish tanks are such a controversial subject. Too many people are uneducated on their tanks, which leads to small jars and containers being used, which almost always leads to early deaths and miserable fish.

A happy and healthy Betta fish requires no less than a 3 Gallon tank (13 liters), however, the bigger, the better! If you have a 5 to 10 Gallon tank then you are not only making your Betta fish happier, but you are allowing for more fish to live within your community, and you also do not need to conduct as many water changes in a larger tank.

Water Temperature

Bettas are tropical fish, meaning that they constantly need warm water. The ideal temperature for Betta fish is 78°F (25°C). There are many manufacturers out there who state that their heater is set to 78°F when in reality they're not, being either too warm or cold. The best thing you can do is purchase an adjustable heater for your tank, that way you can easily change the temperature if it is either too hot or cold.

Tank Filtration

Bettas originate from small and murky ponds and other small pockets of water, however, they still need a good Betta filtration system to ensure good and stable water quality. Betta fish are known for being hardy, and sure, they can survive in small bowls and jars but that is only because of their magic trick - the labyrinth organ!

This incredible adaptation makes the Betta fish able to breathe air from the surface of the water. They will still certainly need a 3 stage filtration system, but they do not need a bubbler. Fortunately, you can find a plethora of available water filtration systems that are perfectly suited to small tanks.


To conclude this list, it is important to find the right tank for you and the available space within your household. All the tanks that feature on this list are more than adequate for Betta fish, it is now your turn to decide which is best suited to your environment and preferred setup.

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