Are Royal Gramma and Clownfish Compatible?

Both clownfish and royal gramma fish are some of the most popular fish in the entire hobby, not just the saltwater side of things. They share incredibly unique and bright colorations and patterns, which certainly add to the allure.

But can they live together and are they compatible tank mates? Yes, they can, and they make for awesome tank mates, so you can enjoy keeping two of the most beautiful and colorful saltwater fish in the same aquarium!

What Makes Clownfish and Royal Grammas Compatible?

Fish compatibility is not an easy thing to gauge, what works for some people and their aquarium doesn't always work for others. Equally, some fish partnerships that, on paper, seem to be a good match can sometimes be the opposite in reality.

It is important to note that not one fish is the exact same as the other - they are all different. The majority of compatible fish will get along well with each other, but there can be anomalies.

Nevertheless, let's take a look at why both the royal gramma and clownfish are compatible tank mates.

Same Temperature Requirements

Fortunately, both the royal gramma and clownfish share pretty much identical temperature requirements, with both fish doing well in a temperature ranging between 72 and 78°F (22 - 25.5°C).

The graphic below we have created displays the tank water requirements for both the royal gramma and clownfish.

Compatible Tank Size

The minimum tank size for both clownfish and royal grammas should be 30 gallons (136 liters). Sure, some of the smaller clownfish subspecies can reside in tanks as small as 20 gallons (91 liters), but that will not do for the royal gramma, so it is unquestionably best to keep them together in a 30-gallon fish tank.

Similar Personalities and Temperament

Both clownfish and royal grammas are incredibly peaceful and playful fish, getting along with almost any tank mate they live with. This is one of the biggest factors in their compatibility, not to mention that they tend to occupy different areas of the tank.

Oh, and both of these fish are reef safe too, which is brilliant if you wish to keep a large community-based reef aquarium. They will both leave corals and invertebrates alone for the most part.

Royal gramma basslet

Same Dietary Requirements

Royal grammas and clownfish are omnivores, which makes things very easy when it comes to feeding time! They require both plant-based foods and meaty food to achieve a balanced and healthy diet.

Because of this, you can feed them the same foods at the same time. We recommend checking out our clownfish diet plan to get some inspiration on what to feed both fish.

Both Hardy and Beginner Friendly

Hardy fish are essential if you are looking for beginner-friendly fish to keep, this is due to them not being badly affected by water quality changes, temperature changes, and being less susceptible to picking up fish diseases and parasites.

Can clownfish live alone

Fortunately, both the royal gramma and clownfish are hardy fish and are beginner-friendly, making them very easy to care for and manage, which is essential if you are looking to keep both fish species in the same tank.

Final Thoughts

Both of these fish are incredibly popular, and for good reason too, which is why it is so awesome that they both make for compatible tank mates.

Fish compatibility is never an easy thing to measure; however, when you consider all of the compatible characteristics of both fish and people's experiences with keeping both, it is a sure-fire partnership that you will get a lot of enjoyment from.

Alternatively, if you do not like the idea of keeping a royal gramma and clownfish together, there are many brilliant tank mates for the clownfish and also the royal gramma that you might want to take a look at.

Also, something to keep in mind is that clownfish tank mates will be the same as royal gramma tank mates unless they are another basslet (Grammatidae) - most of the same fish species don't tend to get along well.