Can Bolivian Rams Live With Angelfish?

Yes, Bolivian rams absolutely can share the same aquarium as freshwater angelfish as both fish species are highly compatible with each other.

When you discover a beautiful and brightly colored fish like the Bolivian ram cichlid, it can be hard to surround them with equally as attractive tank mates, fortunately, angelfish are just that!

Bolivian ram and angelfish

Both fish favor a heavily planted tank, and there are some other requirements that we will dive into in this guide.

Bolivian Ram and Angelfish Aquarium Setup

There are many rules you must follow to ensure that your Bolivian ram and angelfish aquarium has been set up perfectly.

A good start is populating the tank with live plants and other interesting hiding spots. You will want to mimic their natural environment as much as you possibly can.

Caves are great for Bolivian rams as it makes them feel safe and comfortable. A non-stressed-out Bolivian ram will always display the most beautiful coloration they can.

Tank Size

Despite both Bolivian rams and angelfish not being particularly large fish, they both require pretty big tank sizes.

Ideally, you will want to keep both of them in a 55 gallon (208 liters) to 75 gallon (283 liters) fish tank. 55 gallons should be the minimum tank size to keep them all happy and healthy.

This is because they both need their own space to swim around and explore, they are also territorial and need to establish their own areas rather quickly upon arrival, so space and places to hide are extremely important.

Bolivian Ram

Mature and fully-sized angelfish can actually grow pretty large, so, if you are going to keep more than one, opt for an aquarium larger than 55 gallons.

Water Parameters and Temperature

Fortunately, when it comes to water parameters, both angelfish and Bolivian rams share the same needs. They both need soft and acidic water, with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.5.

For your angelfish and Bolivian ram, you should be keeping the water temperature between 72 and 79°F (22 to 26°C). Both of these freshwater fish are sensitive to sharp temperature changes, so, keep on top of that!

Temperature and pH levels are some of the main reasons that the they can be in the same tank together, and with a temperature fluctuation range of about 7°F, you shouldn't find it too hard to keep their water within the required range.

Compatibility with other Fish

Fortunately, both the Bolivian ram and angelfish are pretty peaceful by nature, so, therefore, are not nightmares to keep with other fish or in community tanks.

There are many fish you can keep with the Bolivian ram and angelfish, but our suggestion would be to keep much smaller schooling fish with them to avoid overcrowding your aquarium.

You can still acquire extremely colorful small fish to accompany them. A good example would be a neon tetra or a group of colorful guppies?

Do Bolivian Rams and Angelfish Have the Same Diet?

Good news! Both angelfish and Bolivian rams are omnivores and require a combination of meats and vegetables to achieve a balanced and healthy diet.

Zebra angelfish

Read our guide on the Bolivian ram cichlid diet to get some inspiration and find out all the details on what to feed both of these freshwater fish.

Final Thoughts

Both angelfish and Bolivian rams are truly stunning and fun freshwater fish, providing hours upon hours of entertainment, all within the same aquarium!

If you desire an aquarium with both of these fish species, all you need to do is ensure that your tank is big enough, with plenty of live plants, caves, and other hiding spots, and that the correct water parameters have been achieved.