Can Tetras Live With Mollies?

The answer is yes, tetras can certainly live with mollies as both are freshwater fish that are peaceful by nature. They also share very similar tank requirements and have the same diet, making them an incredibly compatible pairing.

Additionally, they are similar in size to one another so they will not feel intimidated by the other. Some tetras have been known to nip fins, but that is the only obstacle when pairing these two beautiful fish.

How To Keep Tetras And Mollies Together

Despite being one of the most compatible fish partnerships in the hobby, there are many considerations that have to be kept in mind if you want to create a peaceful, happy, and healthy environment for your mollies and tetras.

Even though both species are peaceful by nature, they can still become territorially aggressive towards each other, but this is a rare occurrence and can easily be prevented. The following steps and advisories will ensure that your molly and tetra are totally compatible.

1. Size Compatibility

Most tetras will grow to around 2 inches (5 cm) in length and they are considered to be small fish.

Due to their small size, they can still be at risk from predatory fish that may consider them to be a snack. Fortunately, mollies are only about 3 inches in length (7.5 cm), which is not a big enough difference to be concerned.

2. Tank Setup

Tetras will require a minimum tank size of 10 gallons and their water temperature should be anywhere between 75 and 80°F (24 to 26°C), with a pH level ranging from 6.8 to 7.8.

Just like their natural environment, tetras love having a heavily planted tank as it provides them with many hiding spots and home comforts.

Can tetras live with mollies

Fortunately, similar to tetras, mollies also require a minimum tank size of 10 gallons, and they also love planted tanks!

Their ideal water temperature ranges between 75 and 80°F (24 to 26°C) - the exact same as tetras, and their pH level is similar too (7.5 to 8.5).

To create the perfect environment for them, mollies prefer slightly brackish water, which is a mixture of saltwater and freshwater, however, the additional saltwater can be detrimental to your tetras, so it's best to be avoided.

3. Diet

Both tetras and mollies are omnivores, which is ideal as they both require pretty much the same diet and neither fish are very picky.

By feeding them flakes, pellets, dried food, live food, frozen food, and anything else high in protein or plant matter you will be providing your fish with a healthy and nutritionally-rich balanced diet.

Can mollies live with tetras?

4. Number of Tetras and Mollies

Mollies are typically peaceful fish that enjoy being kept in groups of 5 minimum, with the male mollies being slightly more aggressive than the incredibly peaceful females.

To avoid any conflicts between males, it may be a good idea to have 1 male to 4 females as the males usually fight to establish a mate or territory.

Tetras will usually prefer to be in small schools too, between 4 to 6 is a minimum requirement to get the most out of them.

Tetras have gathered a reputation for being fin nippers, which, at times is true, but this will either stop very quickly or they will learn the hard way not to do this. Apart from that, tetras are incredibly peaceful and well-suited to mollies.

Pregnant Neon Tetra

Can Tetra and Mollies Live Together - Other Factors and Key Information

The following sections are all about the specific subspecies' of both fish and their compatibilities, so let's dive in!

Can Neon Tetras Live With Mollies?

Yes, both neon tetras and mollies are compatible fish pairing as they both require extremely similar water temperatures, pH levels, and overall tank setups. They are also both peaceful fish species and will typically be swimming around in larger groups of their own species.

Can Mollies Live With GloFish Tetras?

These fish are compatible with each other cna they can easily live together in harmony. Glofish tetras enjoy sharing a tank with livebearers as they are not, and tend to lay eggs like other tetras, whereas mollies are livebearers.

Not only this, but they share pretty much all the exact tank requirements, and both enjoy being in schools of their own kind.

Can Black Skirt Tetras Live With Mollies?

Black skirt tetras and mollies are brilliant tank mates for one another as they have very similar requirements from a diet and tank setup perspective, and they are also both very peaceful fish.

Can Black Mollies Live With Neon Tetras?

Yes, black mollies and neon tetras can certainly live together. Black mollies do prefer a bit of salinity in their aquarium due to them residing in brackish water when in the wild, but they are still great tank mates for one another.

Can black mollies live with tetras?

Can Tetras Live With Mollies and Guppies?

Yes, all three of these popular freshwater fish species are compatible with each other, mainly due to their peaceful behavior as well as their temperature, tank setup, and water parameters being compatible with each other.

There are many hobbyists that populate their freshwater aquariums with all three of these fish and the combination seemingly works very well. Also, keeping just tetras and guppies is fine too, the same as just mollies with guppies.

Final Thoughts

Both tetras and mollies are brilliant freshwater fish for beginners and those with more experience. They are easy to look after and share similarly peaceful temperaments.

This, along with all the other factors we have discussed in this guide are the reasons why both mollies and tetras are fantastic tank mates and enjoy each others company in an aquarium environment!