Do Clownfish Have Teeth?

Clownfish have teeth, yes, and they have a pretty strong jaw too! Unfortunately, this can have a negative effect on their tank mates, should they behave aggressively towards them.

Do clownfish have teeth?

Typically, clownfish are not aggressive fish, however, there are many different types and the larger types tend to be more aggressive and territorial than the others.

Clownfish are incredibly compatible with beginners due to their relatively easy tank setup, and diet, they do not require a particularly big tank either, which makes life a lot easier.

Can Clownfish Bite Humans?

Clownfish can and will bite humans if they are provoked. Provoking a clownfish is easily achieved, especially if you put your hands in their tank for cleaning or feeding purposes.

If you want to protect your hands from being bitten, you should use some relatively thick gloves. The aggression displayed by clownfish is due to them being territorial.

So, if they see your hand in their space or territory, they could very well bite it, regardless of whether you are feeding them or cleaning their tank out.

Over the past few years, scientists have discovered that clownfish use their teeth to chatter and communicate with each other!

Does a Clownfish Bite Hurt?

Yes, a clownfish bite could hurt you and even cause bleeding! If you own or are thinking of owning one of the largest species of clownfish, think twice before you put your hand in their aquarium!

Do clownfish need a heater?

Fortunately, the pain will not stay for very long, much like goldfish, their teeth are similar to sandpaper, and the sensation of being bitten by a clownfish is similar to a paper cut.

How do Clownfish Attack?

Clownfish will attack pretty much anything that invades their territory. The way in which they attack is by quickly crashing into their target, head first and mouth open for a bite!

The most aggressive types of clownfish are maroon clownfish, tomato clownfish, and saddleback clownfish.

Do Clown Fish Kill Other Fish?

Clownfish will typically not attack and kill other fish for no reason, which is why it is important to choose the right clownfish tank mates.

We don't think that clownfish are malicious enough to actually want to kill other fish, but they certainly can and will do if they feel like their territory or themselves are under attack.

Are Clownfish Aggressive?

Some species of clownfish are certainly more aggressive than others. With the majority of the smaller species are much more placid and friendly, keeping themselves to themselves.

The larger species, however, are not so nice to others. They often will become a tank bully in community environments and display some level of aggression toward other fish.

Additionally, clownfish are super aggressive towards their own, this is why keeping clownfish in pairs is the most sensible and stress-free way of owning them.

Maroon Clownfish

Also, if they are put with other, more aggressive predatory fish, your clownfish will likely become stressed out and either fight other fish or each other.

Why Does my Clown Fish Attack my Hand?

Clownfish will attack you for cleaning their area of the fish tank. They are super protective over their territories, even from you.

A good idea for preventing this would be to chase them into a hiding spot within their aquarium before you clean or feed the tank.

Final Thoughts

Clownfish have teeth, and they will won't hesitate to use them if they have to! Not only do they need teeth to chew up their food, but they will use them to nip at their owner or other fish that enter their territory.

The key things to take away from this guide are to avoid aggressive tank mates and to try to pick the right times to clean their tank or feed them. You should also wear gloves to give you added protection.