5 Best Compatible Electric Blue Ram Tank Mates

The electric blue ram cichlids are a beautiful member of the dwarf cichlid family and have become incredibly popular with freshwater hobbyists over the past few years. Many believe this is due to their unique coloration, peaceful nature, and low maintenance when compared with other tropical fish.

Electric blue ram cichlid

Electric blue rams enjoy a heavily-planted tank with plenty of hiding spots and will also get along well with most other freshwater fish. In this guide, we will be running through the 5 best electric blue ram tank mates that are most compatible and will make for a happy aquarium. Here they are:

  • Platy Fish
  • Neon Tetra
  • Mollies
  • Guppies
  • Betta Fish

Compatible Tank Mates for the Electric Blue Ram

Let's take a look at our detailed list of the best, most beautiful, and importantly, the most compatible electric blue ram tank mates!

1. Platies

Platies are entertaining and highly active fish, they enjoy being kept in a small group rather than a school and they also come in an abundance of bright colors and patterns.

Platy fish statistics

Characteristics of Platies:

  • They will usually live between 3 to 4 years.
  • The Platies will grow up to 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) in length.
  • They are omnivores that will accept pretty much anything, a balanced diet should consist of a mixture of live and frozen vegetables and meats.
  • They will certainly benefit from having a heavily planted tank, just like the electric blue ram.

You will want to keep your platy fish in groups that consist of more females than males, this will stop any conflicts and fighting. Moreover, they will need a temperature between 70 and 82°C (21 to 28°C) and a pH level range of 6.8 to 8.0 to live a happy and healthy life.

2. Neon Tetra

Freshwater aquariums are never the same without a group of beautiful neon tetras swimming around. They are truly beautiful and tiny fish, which is great as you can house large groups without the aquarium feeling overcrowded.

Neon tetra overview

Characteristics of Neon Tetras:

  • They will usually live between 2 to 4 years in captivity, although have been known to live as long as 10!
  • The Neon Tetra will grow up to 1.5 inches (4 cm) in length.
  • They are omnivores that will accept pretty much anything, a balanced diet should consist of a mixture of live and frozen vegetables and meats in the form of pellets and flakes.
  • They will love to hide and will benefit from having a heavily planted tank, just like the electric blue ram.

Something to keep in mind with neon tetras is that they need to be added to pre-established tanks as they can be incredibly sensitive to water temperature changes. So, keep them clear of newly cycled fish tanks. They also require a temperature range of 72-76 °F (22 to 24°C) and a pH level range of 6.8 to 7.8.

3. Molly

The molly is a beautiful fish, almost always recommended to beginner hobbyists as they are not particularly hard work, but are active, social, and brilliantly entertaining to observe. Mollies range in many different bright colors, sizes, and patterns, which makes them such a sought-after fish.

Molly statistics

Characteristics of Mollies:

  • They will typically live between 3 and 5 years.
  • Mollies are omnivores, technically speaking. However, they do not consume much plant matter and more crustaceans, such as insects and worms. They also need to be fed frozen, dried, and live meats on occasion too.
  • Mollies love hiding spots and socializing with their own and other fish species.
  • They are easy to care for and will grow to a maximum of 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) in length.

They are found at pretty much any fish store as they are such a popular fish, making them very affordable. Mollies also come in many different sizes and colors. Their aquarium temperature should range between 72 to 78°F (22 - 25°C) and the pH level should be from 6.7 to 8.5.

4. Guppies

Guppies have always been one of the most infamous freshwater fish species in the game, and for good reason too. Not only are these fish super easy to care for, but they get along with pretty much all other fish and possess some awesome colorations and patterns.

Guppy statistics

Characteristics of Guppies:

  • They will typically live between 2 and 5 years.
  • Guppies are omnivorous fish that enjoy a balanced diet consisting mainly of meaty foods with plant matter and vegetables.
  • They are peaceful fish that get along well with most other fish species and types.
  • Depending on the subspecies, guppies will grow from anywhere between 1.5 inches to 3 inches (3.8 to 7.6 cm) in length.

Guppies are such awesome fish and they are so easy to care for! The temperature should be anywhere between 75 to 79°F (23 to 26°C) and the pH level must range from 7.0 to 8.0.

5. Betta Fish

Betta fish are certainly one of the most awesome and popular fish in the world due to their coloration, pattern, behavior, and name (siamese fighting fish)! Funnily enough, due to their aggressive and 'fighter fish' reputation, many people do not actually know that they are pretty good tank mates for some specific fish.

Betta fish statistics

Characteristics of Betta Fish:

  • They will live between 2 and 5 years.
  • Betta fish are the only fish on this list to be natural carnivores, preferring high-protein foods derived mainly from meats, with some aquarists even suggesting to not use plant matter or vegetables at all.
  • Despite having a bad reputation, betta fish are only normally aggressive with their own species, especially males vs males. When it comes to other types of fish like the electric blue ram, they will typically keep away and mind their own business.
  • 2.4 to 3.1 inches (6 to 8 cm) in length is the size range for these fish.

Bettas need a tank temperature between 73 and 80°F (23 to 26°C) and a pH level range of 6.8 and 7.5. Betta fish might have a bad reputation, but they are pretty sweet fish when they want to be and aren't housed with others of their own kind. this is what makes them brilliant tank mates for the electric blue rams.

Electric Blue Ram Tank Mates to Avoid

Any freshwater fish that is classed as aggressive should not be a tank mate of the electric blue ram cichlid, and this also applies to fish with too much energy, that move around frantically and erratically, stealing food and causing stress.

Bolivian Ram

Electric blue rams are peaceful and docile fish, moving around slowly and calmly. So, when it comes to feeding your aquarium, these cichlids will end up with nothing if they are housed with faster and greedy fish. Something else to note is that you should not have them live with other dwarf cichlids either.


Electric blue rams are incredible fish that do require a fair amount of work to be set up correctly. This is why the importance of their tank mates is really pivotal in getting their tank set up correctly. Like all other freshwater and saltwater fish in the hobby, they will get along with some fish better than others, but if you choose from this list, you will be getting it right!