How Many Bolivian Rams Should Be Kept Together?

Bolivian rams are incredibly popular community freshwater fish, they are peaceful by nature and entertaining to watch too.

These cichlid subspecies are not schooling fish species, but they do enjoy residing in small groups of their own kind, between 6-8 is an ideal number, but you can have more (or less) depending on the size of your fish tank.

How Many Bolivian Rams Should I Keep?

It is recommended to keep a minimum of 4 bolivian rams, however, we advise you to keep between 6 and 8 as they enjoy the company of their own and it will help them settle into aquarium life easier being more relaxed.

They can live happily alone or in even smaller groups, but larger groups is certainly preferred. Bolivian rams are peaceful fish, hardy fish that will get along with most tank mates too, especially if they are healthy and happy with all of their requirements being met.

Should Bolivian Rams Be Kept In Pairs?

Bolivian rams will do well in small groups, big groups, and even alone. Having a pair of bolivian rams is absolutely fine, unless you wish to breed them.

For the best chance of successfully breeding bolivian rams, even though it is technically possible with just two, your best chance of success will come with groups of 6-8 or more if you have room in your tank.

Something else to consider when housing a pair of these cichlid species is the sex of both bolivian rams.

Having a mix of male and female will work well, but can actually lead to them fighting each other. Strangely enough, the females will often attack or try to fight with males to establish whether they are strong enough to breed with.

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Can You Keep Two Male Bolivian Rams Together?

Males fight each other too, but for the right to mate with females or for territory. Sure, you can certainly house two males together, but there may be some initial battling going on to establish dominance and territory.

However, this shouldn't go on for too long, and both male rams will live together in relative harmony as they won't have the need to fight over a female or vice versa.

Can You Have One Bolivian Ram?

Yes, you certainly can have one bolivian ram living on its own. Bolivian rams will do just fine by themselves, sure, they could get a little lonely depending on the population of your freshwater aquarium.

However, if you have an established community tank with inhabitants that are compatible with the bolivian ram you should be absolutely fine.

How many bolivian rams?


Bolivian rams are very popular, and their popularity has been quickly increasing over recent years too! They are easy to look after, beautifully colorful, and are tons of fun to observe and care for.

Bolivian rams do prefer groups, which is something to keep in mind, but if you do not have a big enough tank they can be housed in pairs or even alone, provided you ensure their water conditions and tank requirements are being met properly